Braemar College seeks to embrace and nurture the whole student so that that they are happy, highly engaged and motivated to learn.

Our curriculum based wellbeing activities are designed to develop essential skills like resilience, mutual respect, integrity, confidence, and adaptability.

We have a number of programs that focus on both physical and mental health, and a dedicated team of professionals including a qualified nurse and College Counsellor onsite to support students.

Students can seek additional assistance through:

We provide our students with the skills and outlook to become active contributors to the community, developing an understanding of their own place and role in society.

Our Wellbeing Program draws heavily on the environment surrounding the College. Students are involved in a range of activities that develop a sense of belonging within Braemar and wider communities.

This program is supported by a strong House culture linking students from Year 5 to Year 12 and is also complemented by a number of outside activities include Live4Live, Beyond Blue and I Keep Safe programs.

Braemar College is committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing of your child and has a First Aid Centre staffed by a qualified nurse during College hours.

We also have a full time College Counsellor available to help students, and Chaplaincy services are available.

More assistance for students can be found at the following resources.

Students can seek additional assistance through:

Braemar College provides a safe and caring environment in which your child can learn.

We support individual student differences and nurture interaction between students of all year levels.

We foster an environment of tolerance, mutual respect, compassion and integrity.

We encourage students to develop a sense of community and to feel part of that community.

Through our educational activities and community oriented approach we support our students to adapt well to change, and to contribute meaningfully to the world they live in.