Student Wellbeing

We provide our students with the skills and outlook to become active contributors to the community, developing an understanding of their own place and role in society.

Our Wellbeing Program draws heavily on the environment surrounding the College. Students are involved in a range of activities that develop a sense of belonging within Braemar and wider communities.

This program is supported by a strong House culture linking students from Year 5 to Year 12 and is also complemented by a number of outside activities include Live4Live, Beyond Blue and I Keep Safe programs.

At Braemar our focus is on more than academic development. At each year level students take part in EXEAT Week activities designed to forge new friendships and develop their team building skills and confidence. More about EXEAT week can be found at the College Blog.

If you have any concerns about your child, details of the appropriate person to contact can also be found at the Contact Staff page on this site.


Braemar College has a wide range of policies and information for parents and students to assist with home study, internet usage, VCE assessment and reporting, exchange student hosting and behavioural management. We also have a positive relationships policy that can be downloaded as a user friendly brochure