Student Leaders

Through initiatives like Cadets, Exeat Week, The Duke of Edinburgh Award and School Captaincy opportunities, we encourage students to develop their leadership skills and become personally involved in the College and broader communities. Our students are equipped with the support and skills to enable them to lead with integrity and compassion.

Programs that Develop Leadership Skills

We recognise that effective leadership requires a range of skills. Braemar College offers a number of programs designed to identify leadership potential and develop helping, communication, group facilitation, conflict management, mediation and peer assistance skills.

Leadership within the Middle Years

Students from Year 5 to 8 are provided with a number of opportunities to exercise leadership. House Captains are appointed at the beginning of each year. A Student Representative Council is elected at the beginning of Term 1 representing students from all levels of Middle School.

Leadership within the Senior School

The Leadership positions available within the Senior School, and the programs offered are designed to enhance personal and interpersonal skills, and preparation for transition into further study and the broader community.

There are many diverse opportunities for students to assume a leadership role and positions of responsibility within Senior School.

The Braemar Student Body

All students at Braemar College are expected to demonstrate certain leadership qualities such a sense of responsible to themselves and others, peer support, independence, clear communication and listening skills and respect for the diversity within the student body. Students are also expected to demonstrate self-management skills, to monitor their own behaviour and the way they relate to others.