Stages of School

To meet the varied and changing needs of students as they progress through the College, we provide a Middle School for students from Year 5 to 8 and Senior School for Years 9 to 12.

Middle School

The College's Middle School environment promotes flexible learning opportunities that assist the development of our students from children to young adults. They are supported in these vital transition years by remaining in their home classroom for their core subjects.

Our Middle School teachers are focussed on working with students experiencing early adolescence. They are creative, innovative and skilled in designing connected curriculum, and are committed to forging positive relationships with students that nurture independence.

Within the caring environment of Middle School, our students are supported by a structured Wellbeing Program (PACE), a broad Co-curricular Program, and a relevant and engaging curriculum focussing on core elements of literacy and numeracy. Through these programs, students are encouraged to discover and explore individual areas of interest and talent.

Senior School

Our comprehensive and challenging programs give students the skills and motivation to fully explore their capabilities to the final years of their secondary education and beyond.

Braemar College students gear up for their final years at secondary college by engaging in specific workplace and career education programs to help them make decisions and take the first steps on their chosen career paths.

All Senior School students are encouraged to develop leadership and independence in their studies.