Our Commitment to Child Safety


Braemar College is firmly committed to child safety by providing a supportive, caring and safe learning environment for all students.

Our strategies promote and embed an organisational culture of child safety and wellbeing underpinned by specific policies, procedures and practices. Our organisational culture of child safety and wellbeing is a shared responsibility with commitment from our Board of Governors, Leadership Team, staff, contractors and volunteers. We strive for active participation by all members of our College community.

For the purposes of this commitment statement, maintaining a child safe environment includes our commitment to:

  • A zero tolerance for child abuse
  • Empowering all members of our community to have a voice and raise concerns
  • Adhering to the Child Safe standards and reporting obligations
  • Fostering a culture of openness that supports our community members to report concerns and risks to child safety
  • The safety of children with disabilities, indigenous children and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Maintaining a robust human resource recruitment process that allows only the engagement of the most suitable people to work with children
  • Regularly provide training that educates our staff, contractors and volunteers on child abuse risks
  • To continually develop, review and provide to our staff and volunteers our written policies, processes and code of conduct on child safety  

Child Safety Code of Conduct