Braemar College strives for outstanding and up-to-date teaching through the use of contemporary, engaging learning and teaching practices, including integrated digital media.

The College personalises learning for all our students, providing flexible and tailored programs for highly able learners and those with special learning needs.

Specialist staff work with teachers to develop and implement learning strategies.

At Braemar College, every student is valued and respected and encouraged to develop personal attributes of integrity, leadership, adaptability and mutual respect towards each other, teachers and the wider community.

We support our young people to become resilient independent learners who develop a life-long love of learning.

Braemar College was one of the first schools in Australia to issue every student with an iPad to enhance their learning.


To meet the varied and changing needs of students as they progress through the College, we provide a Middle School for students from Year 5 to 8 and Senior School for Years 9 to 12.


We provide a sequential program designed to meet the academic, physical, cultural and social needs of our students.

The College's current curriculum reflects the principles of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) and we aim to implement the Australian Curriculum in ways that connect teachers and students.

As well as the standard curriculum our students have a range of educational enrichment opportunities.

Educational Enrichment summary.

The future will demand digitally literate students who have an understanding of the Web environment. The College has an ongoing commitment to implementing the latest technologies and helping staff and students become confident and competent with their features and applications.