The College is proud of its open access policy, which operates without regard to religious, academic, physical or racial circumstances.

The enrolment process normally commences approximately 21 months prior to the proposed year of entry.  An offer of enrolment is prioritised according to the following criteria: 

  1. Any sibling of a student currently enrolled at Braemar College,
  2. Any child of a Braemar College employee.
  3. Any child of a Braemar College Old Collegian.
  4. The order of application date, as recorded by the College's student management system.

The Principal has discretion regarding all enrolment matters.

To find out more about how your child can receive a Braemar College education, or to request an Enrolment Package, please contact Trudy Shepherd by email at registrar@braemar.vic.edu.au or by calling (03) 5427 9161.

For a list of our current fees and charges click here.


Braemar College currently offers Academic Scholarships for entry at Years 7 and 10 to current and potential students.

They are generally awarded, based on the results of the examination, held earlier the previous year conducted by Academic Assessment Services (AAS), however the Principal has discretion regarding all enrolment matters.

The scholarships are:

  • Open to students who would be in Years 6 or 9 at the time of the examination;
  • For the provision of 40% remission of the Total Annual Fees and Charges for a student;
  • For entry at Year 7, scholarships are tenable for six years;
  • For entry at Year 10, scholarships are tenable for three years.

Scholarship applications for 2019 have closed.

Further information regarding scholarships, applications or testing can be obtained by contacting the Registrar, Trudy Shepherd, by email at registrar@braemar.vic.edu.au or by calling (03) 5427 9161.