Educational Enrichment

As well as the standard curriculum our students have a range of educational enrichment opportunities.


In a nurturing and disciplined environment, cadets learn and practice many practical skills such as navigation, first aid, bush craft, field engineering, radio communications, ceremonial drill (marching) and adventure training. Cadets learn self-discipline, leadership and teamwork.

See our College Blog for more information about cadets.


Arts are well represented at Braemar College with extensive programs and ongoing opportunities for students to shine in Music, Performance and Visual Arts.

More information can be found at the College Blog.


Braemar College has a highly active and successful equestrian team with outstanding performances in dressage and show jumping over the last few years. We offer regular opportunities for students to compete and to build on their existing skills.

For further information on the College's equestrian activities email

You'll also find out more at our College Blog.


Sport is a valued part of our educational program. The benefits of teamwork, skill acquisition and participation are invaluable. Students are encouraged to participate in competitive individual and team sports at House and College level.

The range of sports we offer include athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cross country running, equestrian, football, mountain bike orienteering, netball, orienteering, snow sports, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, modified football and volleyball.

Braemar College has a well-equipped, full-sized gymnasium and facilities including a modern physical education testing laboratory and multi-purpose courts. Recent refurbishments to the College oval included upgrading of basketball and cricket facilities.

More sports information is available through the College Blog and updates are also available on twitter.

Exeat Week

Braemar College's annual EXEAT Week is a diverse, outdoors-based program designed to enhance student's understanding and appreciation of the environment, themselves and others. The program focusses on developing social and personal skills, leadership, initiative, self-reliance, confidence and team building.

More about The College's EXEAT WEEK activities can be found at the College Blog.

Additional Co-Curricular Activities

The College provides opportunities for all students to explore additional areas of interest.

These include writing, fencing and participation in the College production.