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We have a strong commitment to developing learning partnerships between students, teachers and parents, and we welcome your communications.

You can email teachers or other staff members at their email addresses listed here:

Title Surname Name Position Email
Ms Adams Michaela Teacher
Ms Almond Jan Educational Learning Support
Mrs Andreacchio Shirley Library Technician
Ms Baddeley Robyn Human Resources Manager
Ms Bertalmio Stephanie Teacher
Mrs Boustead Dianne Head of Campus
Ms Brens Sarah Teacher
Ms Brentnall Robyn Teacher
Mr Brown Bernie Teacher
Mrs Buttigieg Sally Teacher
Ms Carracher Nicole Hospitality Assistant
Miss Clegg Georgina Teacher
Mr Clissold Adam Learning Area Leader - ILT
Ms Clunies-Ross Penny Student Counselor
Mrs Crichton Nyree Teacher
Mrs Crothers Kate Teacher
Mrs Cruickshank Catherine Teacher
Mr Curtain Jon Teacher
Mrs Daly Loris Teacher
Ms Davidson Lyn Receptionist
Mr Deer Russell Principal
Mrs Dess Belinda Teacher
Mrs Dillon Elizabeth Teacher
Mr Dinning Wade Teacher
Mrs Dowling Jennifier Teacher
Mr Doyle Shannon IT Manager Contractor
Miss Edwards Chloe Teacher
Mr Ekstedt Peter Student Counselor
Mr Ellis Matt Year Level Leader (Year 5 and Director of Sport 5-12)
Mr Embury Bart Teacher
Mr Evans Shaun Director of Music
Mr Faircloth Ian ESST - Maintenance
Ms Finch Christina Instrumental Music Tutor
Mr Flanagan John Teacher
Ms Forrester Martine Hospitality Assistant
Mr Fox Russell Teacher
Ms Fritz Lisa Year Level Leader - Senior School - 9
Ms Gadd Jenni Teacher
Mr Gehling Adam Teacher
Mrs Gehling Janelle Laboratory Technician
Mrs Grumont Kirsteen Year Level Leader - Middle School - Year 7
Mr Hallinan Damian Teacher
Mrs Halvarsson Lisa Teacher
Mr Hanlon Stephen Learning Area Leader - Mathematics
Ms Hanson Deb Tuckshop Manager
Ms Harrison Lauren Teacher
Ms Healy Marg Teacher
Mr Heazlewood James Teacher
Ms Hennessy Mandy Exeat Co-ordinator
Ms Higgs Liz ESST - Accounts Receivable Assistant
Ms Hillier Rachael Teacher
Mrs Hitti Sharon Teacher
Ms Hobbs Donna Executive Assistant to Principal
Mr Horne Michael Head of Senior School
Mr Horneman Andrew Instrumental Music Tutor
Mr Horvat Daniel Teacher
Mr Huntly Steven Facilities Officer
Mrs James Vivienne ESST - Executive Assistant - College Operations
Mrs Jones Michelle ESST - Desktop Publishing and Accounts Payable
Mr Keyworth John Learning Area Leader - Visual & Performing Arts
Mrs Klusik Liz Teacher
Mr Kokocinski Lucas Network Administrator Contractor
Dr Le Cudennac Rod Year Level Leader - Senior School - Year 10
Mrs Little Leanne Year Level Leader - Middle School - 8
Ms Logan-Morris Suzy Instrumental Music Tutor
Mrs Manison Jac Teacher
Ms Martin Georgia Instrumental Music Tutor
Mr Martin Tom Instrumental Music Tutor
Mr Matchett Russell Teacher
Mrs McAloney Jo ESST - Administration Assistant
Mr McEncroe David Learning Area Leader - Hospitality/Restaurant
Mrs McLarty Ann Director of Learning Enhancement
Ms McMahon Emily Learning Area Leader - Humanities
Miss Menzies Kara Teacher
Mr Micallef Christopher Teacher
Miss Minglis Lauren Teacher
Ms Monagle Hannah Teacher
Mr Moran Don Year Level Leader - Senior School - 11
Mrs Mortimer Nicole ESST - Learning & Teaching Administrator
Mr Muir Kyle Instrumental Music Teacher
Ms Mullen Sue Teacher
Mr Murray Scott Head of House - Clyde/VCE Coodinator
Mrs Newbery Debbie Daily Organiser
Mr Nicol Drew Teacher
Ms O'Brien Erin Teacher e.o'
Mr O'Brien Jack Careers Leader j.o'
Mrs Orton Rhonda Photocopying / Receptionist
Mrs Padgett Julia Director of Middle School Curriculum
Ms Paice Julie Teacher
Mr Parkhurst Stephen Teacher
Mrs Pemberton Bronwyn Teacher
Mr Pituch Michael Teacher
Mrs Pointer Annette Learning & Teaching Administrator
Mr Rigby Matthew Network Administrator Contractor
Ms Sargent Petra ESST- Hospitality (Tuckshop) Assistant
Miss Scobell Jessica Head of House - Darling
Ms Scott Sarah Teacher
Mr Sharpe Andrew Teacher and Campus Sport Co-ordinator
Ms Shepherd Trudy Registrar
Mr Shipard Steve Bus Driver
Miss Shipp Jessie Teacher/Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Mrs Shipp Ros Head of Middle School
Mr Sims Brad Business Manager
Ms Sinclair Juanita Teacher
Mr Smeelie Jack Teacher
Ms Smith Kelly Teacher
Mrs Stafford Jan Nurse
Mr Strahan Keir Learning Area Leader - Science
Mrs Swagemakers Wendy Photocopying / Receptionist & College Service Scheme
Ms Symons Ann Teacher
Ms Tanti Carolyn Year Level Leader - Middle School - 6
Ms Taylor Christina Teacher
Dr Thiele Fran Teacher & Instrumental Music Tutor
Mr Thiele Patrick Instrumental Music Tutor
Mrs Thorne Rachel Accountant
Mr Tungyep John Instrumental Music Tutor
Ms Tyquin Jennifer Teacher
Mrs Vandervalk Rita Instrumental Music Tutor
Mr Vynhal Henry Instrumental Music Tutor
Mrs Wallace Shirley Head of House - Farley
Mr Warner Paul Year Level Leader - Senior School - 12, Head of House - Harry
Ms. Wearne Bronwyn Teacher
Miss. Welsh Lauren Teacher
Ms Whiteley Angela Teacher/Tower Magazine Co-Ordinator
Mrs Wilkie Louise Teacher
Ms Wilkinson Michelle Teacher
Ms Withoos Casey Instrumental Music Tutor
Mrs Wyder Heidi Teacher
Mr Young Anthony Learning Area Leader - English & Languages
Miss Zekic Kristen Teacher