Welcome to Braemar College

Welcome to Braemar College where we recognise and nurture the uniqueness of every student.

Our innovative, personalised programs are designed to meet the needs of different learning styles, talents and interests, and to equip our students with the skills to excel at Braemar College and beyond.

Please feel free to take the virtual tour and browse our website. More information about the Braemar experience can be found at our College Blog.

Educational Enrichment

As well as the standard curriculum our students have a range of educational enrichment opportunities. Find out more here.


We are very proud of our Year 12 class of 2014.

Their VCE and ATAR scores were excellent. 

An impressive 15% of the year level achieved an ATAR above 90, and almost 40% of students received scores of 80 or above.

This has allowed our students to pursue their courses of choice at various universities.


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